Bainbridge Island Window Cleaning- I spy Seattle

February 5, 2013 in Bainbridge Island Window Cleaning, Uncategorized

Window cleaning is a pretty popular service on Bainbridge Island. And with the views the Island has to offer, it’s no wonder! Johnny recently cleaned the windows of a waterfront property on Bainbridge Island and was pretty impressed with the view that had been hiding behind those dirty windows.

clean windows on Bainbridge Island


You can see Seattle from those freshly cleaned windows! It’s not Russia, but it’s still a pretty boast-worthy view. A lot of times, when Johnny is giving me window cleaning photos to blog about, I get confused and ask him why he just took a photo of the scenery.

At which point, he explains that it was taken through the just-cleaned windows. Sometimes, all I have are the reflections to go off of or the sides of the windows to show it actually was taken through a window, that’s how clean they are!

And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?  To have windows so clean, that nothing gets in the way of your view.